DSG’s 4+ Fuel Additives Reduce Diesel Exhaust Emissions

Saskatoon’s DSG Power Systems actively promotes a clean air environment in the diesel engine power segment with their diesel fuel additives (DFA) line. For over fifteen years, the 4+ brand of diesel fuel additives has become widely accepted by owners and operators of diesel-powered equipment as a means of improving diesel engine performance, reducing fuel consumption and significantly reducing diesel exhaust emissions on all types and sizes of diesel engines.
Recently tested by PACCAR, a major diesel engine manufacturer, 4+ additives outperformed four competitors in fuel system cleanliness, and PACCAR subsequently endorsed it for use injector cleanliness. In a different independent test, using 4+ Super Clean additive reduced diesel emission CO by 44.8 percent, THC by 30.95 percent, NOx by 24.17 percent and THC+NOx by 24.41 percent.
Established in 1983 in Saskatoon, DSG is well known for its expertise in diesel engines and has progressively adapted its business model to accommodate changes in legislation driven by societal concerns for healthier communities and workplaces.

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