We hear from customers all the time about the tough elements they’re facing. Thick mud. High water. High humidity. It’s like Mother Nature is doing everything she can to stop the work.

Our all-season products – 4+ Premium, 4+ Super Clean, and 4+ Aquatek – have been specially formulated to help farmers, truckers and fleet operators battle through whatever they’re facing.

4+ Premium is professional-grade engine protection, which improves fuel economy while increasing horsepower and responsiveness.

4+ Super Clean is really a “super strength” cleaner and anti-gel additive that cleans and prevents gumming, sticking and varnish build up. If your fuel system is sluggish or plugged – or your vehicle is older and has never had an additive – this is the one we would recommend for you.

4+ Aquatek eliminates water and prevents microbial growth in petroleum hydrocarbons. It’s perfect for high humidity or condensation levels and prevents water from accumulating when you’re storing fuel in tanks or equipment.

When deadlines are breathing down your neck, the experts at DSG can give you a little breathing room. Contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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