Understanding Diesel Fuel Additives Becomes Increasingly Important

Changes in the anatomy of diesel fuels and new complexity built into modern diesel fuel injection systems now demand the use of good quality additives. The problem for the end user is distinguishing between high quality additives and the many low quality products that can be found on retail shelves across the country.

It is not an easy job for sure, especially when every salesperson is ready to bad-mouth competitive products and tell you that theirs is the best. An understanding of the ingredients may help one to make the distinction. In addition, it is important to know that as a result of changes by refiners, the lubricity issue has diminished, but there are still a large number of products being marketed on lubricity benefits. Today's problem is something called Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID) which is openly recognized by engine manufacturers including John Deere and Cummins. Chemicals that can remove and reverse the effects of IDID are now essential to trouble-free operation of diesel engines and fuel consumption savings. Click here to read more about IDID and engine manufacturer's responses to the problem.

Read more by clicking on the following link: Internal Diesel Injector Deposits.pdf

Additive Manufacturers or Blenders?

Most additive companies are blenders rather than manufacturers. Chemicals are purchased from a variety of chemical manufacturers and are then blended with a carrying oil of some sort to package the product in a marketable form. Chemicals that go into the blending oil are known in the industry as 'active ingredients'. Herein lies the answer to most questions about additive quality: Low grade products have very little active ingredient and often consist of around 90% carrying oil. The color test can often tell you a lot about the content of active ingredient or the amount of Isopropyl Alcohol in an additive.

Generally, additives with more active ingredient will be darker in color.

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