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As mentioned in a previous post, the darker the additive, the better. It means that it contains a higher percentage of active ingredients – instead of oils and fillers that don’t really do much of anything.

Our 4+ Black Filter Eliminator may look nasty – but it’s just about the best diesel fuel additive on the market. It’s perfect for:

  • Modern engines with high pressure fuel systems
  • Stubborn cases of filter contamination
  • Eliminating black sludge on your filters
  • Reducing DPF regenerations
  • Boosting cetane and mileage
  • Reducing filter changes

Basically, it extends DPF and fuel filter life by preventing the blackening of fuel and fuel filters and boosting cetane number by as much as 6 points. It keeps asphaltene molecules in suspension longer, making among the highest quality additives on the market. Check out our testimonials and independent testing to see for yourself.

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