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About DSG

Our Vision

Being the supplier of choice and trusted advisors in the mechanical and electrical power market.

Our Mission

We provide high quality and innovative solutions to the mechanical and electrical power industry while developing lasting relationships and trust with our customers.

Our History

DSG Power Systems began in 1983, as a re-builder and re-manufacturer of diesel fuel injection components. Since then, our focus on providing diesel powered solutions has fueled our product research and development and has led DSG Power Systems to manufacture a diversified line of quality products with an outstanding impact on our clients and mechanical and electrical power industry. Our ongoing commitment to employing excellent people benefits our customers who value honesty, integrity and quality.

Our People

Knowledge is the key to customer satisfaction in our business model. This comes from selecting and retaining energetic and helpful employees with positive attitudes. We sincerely believe that our people are entitled to earn a good livelihood, and are compensated for high standards of achievement.

Our people are focused on providing solid solutions to our clients and developing long lasting relationships based on trust.

What We Believe

Our values are:

  • Trust, honesty and integrity.
  • A strong sense of community.
  • Believing in and developing our youth.
  • Being good corporate citizens.
  • Working within regulations.

Our Services

DSG Power Systems is known as a one-stop provider for a full range of diesel related services including:

  • Selling, Renting, Building and Servicing of Power Generation equipment.
  • Fuel injection and turbocharger refurbishing.
  • Engine and component rebuilding.
  • Engine, emissions and fuel economy testing.
  • Drive-in and drive-to repair services.
  • Engine Dynamometer Services.

DSG Power Systems is an authorized service dealer for many OEM engine manufacturers, including Perkins, Yanmar and Mitsubishi engines.

Our Products

Products can be purchased through our own outlets, through many strategically placed dealers across Western Canada and through our on-line store at Products include:

  • Diesel and natural gas electrical generator sets.
  • Re-manufactured engines and related components.
  • New engines and generator sets.
  • Diesel fuel injection systems and turbochargers.
  • Heavy duty engine parts.
  • Performance products and electronics.
  • Gauges and instrumentation.
  • Engine exhaust brakes.
  • Diesel fuel additives and performance enhancers.

Research and Development

DSG Power Systems is committed to ongoing research and development that affect the environment and climate change issues. Past innovations include automatic fast-idle devices for diesel powered vehicles, timing gear sets for more accurate timing of diesel engines, diesel fuel enhancers and much more. Our current research and development is focused on idle reduction technology, bio-products such as bio-diesel and bio-diesel fuel enhancers and diesel exhaust emission reduction. This type of innovation makes DSG Power Systems a leader in a very specialized market niche. This is the driving force behind the growth of the company and the enthusiasm of our people.