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Cold Weather Products

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Please note: this is basic information only. We have access to thousands of parts and components for cold weather products. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Diesel Fired Collant Heaters

Coolant heaters work independently of the engine. This offers a double plus: pre-heating the vehicle’s passenger compartment and the engine.

The heaters are integrated in the cooling system of the engine. The thermal energy gained is then distributed through the vehicle’s own heat exchanger as forced hot air and this heats the interior of the vehicle via existing air vents. The engine is warmed up with the residual heat in the cooling water.

Fast Idle Kits

DSG’s unique fast idle kit allows you to select a range of idle speeds that you can use to keep the engine warm in cold weather, or for other applications.

Our Fast Idle Kit also aids in cooling down the engine during hot weather and improves air conditioning performance. Operation is simple; push the activation button and idle speed increases to 1200 rpm, adjust the speed up and down if desired with the adjustment dial, tap the brake pedal to return to base idle.

Soft start design builds speed up slowly to set point, as engine warms up and is also remote start friendly. Our kit comes complete with all the necessay mounting hardware and comprehensive instructions. Installation is under 2 hours with normal hand tools.

Prime or Standby Power Generation

We offer a full line of brand-name generator sets including SDMO, Baldor, Hi-Power, Broad Crown and Generac, as well as our own custom-built line of DieselPro generators that are powered by efficient and reliable Perkins, Mitsubishi, or Iveco Diesel Engines.

Configurations? Again, we offer the full gambit: portables for construction sites and camp grounds; silent enclosed units for areas where sound levels are critical; enclosed weather proof units; or open skid mounted units with or without fuel tanks. More

Can Crank Capacitor

Start any engine in extreme conditions.

  • Not Affected by Temperature
  • More Power than 4 Group 31 Batteries
  • Cranks Faster & Quicker than Batteries
  • Recharges in Less than 10 Seconds
  • Can Be Installed to Replace Battery

Pan Heaters

  • Fast to Install - approx. 15 minutes vs. up to 3.5 hours
  • Less Energy Consumption - typically 250 w vs. 1,000 w
  • Reduce Engine Wear
  • Safe - C.S.A. Approved
  • Fast Heat - typically -40o C to +15o C in 1 - 2 hours.
  • Compact - less than 1/16” thick.

Pan Heaters are the simplest and most efficient way to protect your engine on cold startups. The peel and stick design uses your oil pan as the heat sink. This allows for even heating to occur, starting at the bottom. Warm oil provides quicker lubrication to vital engine components reducing the need for costly premature repairs.

A typical frost plug heater consumes 600 watts and a 6.6 Litre Duramax heater consumes 1000 watts. Most applications can be covered by a Model 512 pan heater that only consumes 250 watts.