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Medium Heavy Truck

Click on the image above for information regarding parts & components for medium & heavy duty trucks.

This is basic information only. We have access to thousands of parts and components for medium & heavy duty trucks. Contact our sales department for more information.

DSG Mileage Improvement Performance Modules For:


Heavy Duty Watchdog Multifunction Guages
The Heavy Duty WatchDog is a multifunctional digital gauge pack designed to help truck drivers improve fuel economy, reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve on road safety, and increase utility. The WatchDog is packed with features that provide Fleet managers and owner operators with tools to save money and help improve driver behavior.

For instance: driving through some provinces in Canada requires that the speed governor be set to 65 mph. With the WatchDog you can quickly change the OEM speed limiter/ governor in the ECM as many times as is necessary without any assistance necessary. Fleet managers can also improve the fuel economy of their entire fleet by lowering speed limiters on their fleet.

PacBrake Exhaust Brakes
Pacbrake is the only patented design that’s approved, optional and standard equipment with more OE manufacturers than all other makes combined. This technoligy and quality are available to you at hundreds of dollars less than most competitors. Add to that fewer parts and easier installation (= less labor) and you benefit financially from purchase to installation to long term performance.

An exhaust brake will save you thousands of dollars in brake repair bills over the lifetime of your truck and give you more comfort / control when trying to reduce speed down steep grades.

Once your exhaust brake is installed, you will feel the difference it makes in slowing your vehicle. Your vehicle can function without one, but the wear and tear and the cost of brake repairs will be substantially more over the lifetime of the vehicle. Fleet managers
use supplemental braking systems such as exhaust brakes on heavier vehicles routinely, and have done so for more than 25 years.

Large Capacity Fuel Tanks
Go Further - Without Losing Cargo Space!

With the over 50 gallon Titan fuel tank installed directly into your diesel rig, no longer will your performance be limited by
the inconveniences of time, distance and location that are typical of the smaller, insufficient factory tanks.

Titan Fuel Tanks are constructed with high-density, military grade, cross-linked polyethylene. This material is constructed to
perform in any weather from extreme hot to cold temperatures. With its seamless, one piece design, the Titan Fuel Tank is one tough tank.


The term cross-linked means that the molecular chains that make up the polymer are chemically bonded together or ‘bridged’ to form a continuous, three-dimensional structure. This structure is as much as 5 times stronger than other weaker linear- polyethylene stock tanks.

Each tank comes with everything needed for installation, including a high impact rock shield. Titan Fuel Tanks work with factory fuel gauges on most 2000+ Ford, GM, Dodge diesel trucks.

Installs in approximately 3 hours.


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