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Industrial Oilfield

If you need solid, sturdy industrial electrical power, then DSG’s PowerPro line of generators is a smart option.

Built to withstand the rigors of the mining industry, oil and gas production, exploration, work camps and even farming, these rugged units have no light tin parts that will vibrate and come apart. 

Every PowerPro generator is rated at continuous duty. We don’t use marketing fads to over-rate power specifications. If you need 100kW, we give you 100 kW PRIME POWER. All generator ends come with auxiliary exiciter winding, or with Permanent Magnet Generators to assist with electric motor starting, and ensure that you are not buying too big a generator for your needs.

If you have any doubt about what you need, our electrical engineer will do all the calculations for you. Buying a generator set that is too large is simply a waste of money and runs the risk of engine damage should it be running without a decent load on it. Buying a small generator is costly as well, because it will be overloaded and fail prematurely, or you will not be able to use it as planned.

Hipower: DSG also distributes HIPOWER Emergency Generator sets that are engineered and supplied for a very diverse range of applications. Controls are available from basic manual start to automatic remote control for standby, prime power and paralleling. Whether you are operating a rental fleet or a series of remote repeater stations, Hipower can provide PC operated remote control of your gensets by wireless or land line.

Over 60% of genset production has sound attenuated enclosures making them an industry leader in supplying Emergency Generators that are quiet and reliable.  Visit Hipower - then call us.