Losing power for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue to your business. Keep your business open with a competitive advantage, a Generac commercial power system. Generac revolutionized the commercial generator market with the first natural gas and LP-fueled standby generators powerful enough to back up your entire business, and do it more cost effectively than many comparable diesel-fueled systems.

DSG Power Systems Inc - Saskatoon, SK can help you select the Generac commercial power system that meets your backup power needs as well as your budget. Our team can also provide professional installation and ongoing maintenance.

Generac Commercial Series 22 - 150 kW

With higher power nodes for larger applications, the Generac Commercial Series is ideal for providing full power protection to gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, schools, municipal buildings, and more.

Generac Quietsource Series 22, 27, 36, 48 kW

Premium features are standard on the ultimate standby generator. For discerning homeowners with larger residences, these units are power by a low speed engine for extra quiet operation and come standard with aluminum enclosure. Quiet source generators also include all the features of the Guardian Series 25 - 60 kW.