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Mustang 350Z NXT2


Key Features

  • High quality units built around powerful, reliable Yanmar engines
  • True Zero-Tail-Swing design with cast side protectors for protection
  • Power-A-Tach® attachment system standard
  • From 13.5 hp on the model 170Z up to 54.6 hp on the 800Z, these machines come equipped with the power needed to tackle the most demanding jobs
  • Easy-starting, even in cold weather without the need for block heaters or starting fluid
  • Eco mode on the 350Z NXT2, 450Z NXT2, and 800Z reduces engine RPM by 10% without sacrificing power when activated, saving fuel when full speed is not necessary
  • Spacious operator compartment gives operators more comfort and excellent visibility
  • Enhanced stability due to offset track drive system
  • Rugged, high-strength booms with single pin-mounted design
  • Standard auxiliary hydraulic valve

Steering/Hydraulic Controls:

  • Pilot operated joystick controls are operated by simple wrist movements, reducing fatigue during a long workday
  • Two-way and one-way auxiliary flow valve with return to tank feature is standard equipment

Attachment Mounting System:

  • Versatile design works with a wide range of excavator attachments, putting tools you already own to use
  • Hydraulic activation is controlled by a switch in the operator’s station. The operator only needs to leave the seat to remove and replace the safety pin

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