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Fuel Saving Devices

The first step to save on diesel fuel consumption is by using our proven line of additives to save you anywhere from 3 to 15 % in fuel costs.

The next step is our high tech line of electronic devices such as the E-COPILOT, a revolutionary device designed for vocational trucks that adjusts the amount of power available to suit the load.

Then there is our line of performance modules for Agricultural equipment, heavy trucks, pickup trucks and cars.

E-COPILOT Load Based Economy Control

The E-COPILOT is designed to work with all US class 7 and 8 truck and bus applications. It works by limiting the engine power based on the weight of the load the vehicle is carrying. This ensures the driver will always have the power needed without wasting fuel.

The E-COPILOT installs in as little as half an hour. The supplied wire harnesses simply connects between the vehicle's Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APPS) and the Engine Control Module (ECM) then utilizing either a connection to the vehicles pneumatic suspension or a load sensor, when on mechanical suspension, it reads the weight of the load.

Once installed, the E-COPILOT can provide thousands of dollars annually by greater fuel economy, reducing premature tire wear, wear of engine, transmission and drive train. The sweet spot is where the vehicles load weight varies throughout the day while making multiple stops. The closer the applications match this scenario the more likely that the upper range of the E-COPILOT’s fuel saving capabilities will be achieved, a 10% to 15% improvement. The E-COPILOT pays back through fuel savings, reduced wear and tear while providing cleaner air for generations to come.

“ENERGOTEST™ 2010, It’s official, the E-COPILOT demonstrates an improvement of more than 5% of fuel consumption based on TMC/SAE J1321-Type II testing procedure for in city operation”

Agropur, a 3.4 billion dollar multi-national dairy transport company tested from 2008 to 2009 and realized fuel efficiency of as much as 12% .  As a result they outfitted their fleet.

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