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Fuel Management

Why 4Plus Fuel Enhancement Products Are Needed

Today's advanced diesel fuels and engines come with their own vulnerabilities. These must be addressed to maintain fuel economy, remove contaminants, and eliminate harmful deposits that damage engines and fuel systems. DSG's 4+ fuel treatments excel at this.

FACT: The extreme heat that modern diesel engines produce can cause fuel to break down, form carbon deposits, and gum up engine and fuel system components. This causes losses in fuel economy. Using biodiesel can aggravate this. DSG's 4+ line addresses this.

FACT: In extreme cold, ice and wax crystals can form, clogging your fuel system and reducing power and fuel efficiency. DSG's 4+ line has a solution for this.

FACT: Stored diesel fuel deteriorates, losing potency and causing sludge-like substances to form. DSG's 4+ line includes a remedy for this.


DSG's diesel experts have worked on diesel engines for decades. DSG services them, takes them apart, and rebuilds them. They see firsthand the damage that can occur. They develop fuel treatments to solve real problems.

Unlike some diesel additives, the laboratory for DSG's 4+ fuel treatments is the real world. Real solutions that solve real problems – not gimmicks that offer little or no value. That is why I back DSG's 4+ products 100% and recommend you try them – totally risk-free.

- Percy Hoff, President, DSG Power Systems Inc


Find the fuel treatments that are right for you. They could pay for themselves many times over.

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