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All Season Diesel

4+ Premium

Ultimate performance enhancer for all diesel engines.
Detail sheet - pdf. click here

12 oz. treats 854 L / 225 US gal. 12 x 12 oz.
16 oz. treats 1,138 L / 300 US gal. 12 x 16 oz.
32 oz. treats 2,275 L / 600 US gal. 12 x 32 oz.
4L treats 9,100 L / 2,404 US gal. 4 x 4 L
10 L treats 22,750 L / 6,010 US gal. 10L 2 x 10 L
Bulk Sizes Also Available

4+ Super Clean

Fast, effective fuel system anti-foulant and flush tool fluid.
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32 oz. treats 454 L / 120 US gal. 12 x 32 oz.

Bulk Sizes Also Available

4+ Sure Shot

Super Concentrate - Single Dose - Diesel Fuel Enhancer with Anti-gel
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60 ml. treats / 2 oz. 120 L / 32 US gal. 12 x 60 ml/2 oz.


Turns a plastic bottle into a measuring device.

The safe and easy way to measure and pour.

20 ml capacity.

Child-proof | Chemical Resistant | Accurate | Re-usable

Made from high quality plastic, resistant to many
chemicals including fuel additives and pesticides.

For use with plastic screwcap bottles with 28 mm thread.

  • It is fully sealed and is designed to stay on the bottle.
  • Can be used to pour small amounts without spillage.
  • The 28 mm thread is the same size as a common soft-drink bottle.
  • It is not intended for thick liquids.

* Disclosure: Mixing of chemicals can be dangerous! We do not recommend using the same EZYPOR for
dispensing different chemicals. Chemical resistance is based on use of common domestic liquids and fuel additives. Although industrial chemicals may be used, no guarantee is offered and must be tested prior to use.

By purchasing the product the buyer agrees that DSG Power Systems or EZYPOR (NZ) Ltd. cannot be held responsible for possible resulting harm to humans or appliances.

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