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4+ Arctic

Canada's #1 Anti-Gel Fuel Enhancer

A comprehensive multi-purpose fuel enhancer with anti-gel that addresses eight critical fuel performance issues to reduce fuel consumption and extend fuel system, engine and diesel particulate filter life.

Cleans and unplugs fuel system.
Prevents costly fuel pump and injector repairs.

All the Benefits of 4+ Premium® plus Anti-Gel.

When to use:

  • When you want professional grade protection for your engine.
  • You want to improve fuel economy.
  • You want to protect DPF & fuel filters.
  • You need an effective anti-gel.
  • You need a cetane & mileage boost.

What it does:

  • Prevents asphaltene fouling.
  • Prevents build up of black slimy deposits.
  • Keeps fuel system at optimal performance level.
  • Improves lubricity & cetane levels.
  • Transform your fuel into a premium product. Reduces pour point & cold filter plug point.

How much to add:

For every 57 L (12.5 imp. gal./15 US gal.) of fuel add 30 ml (1 imp. oz./ 1 US oz.) Arctic. The 32 oz. container treats 1,820 L (400 imp. gal./ 480 US gal.) See instructions for enhanced treatment rate.


*Certified compliant for use in low emission engines & ULSD fuel.
*EPA Registered.

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