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4+ Infuse

Super Concentrate

High Performance Diesel Cetane Booster

When to use:

  • When you want a dramatic power & torque increase.
  • When you want cleaner cold starts.
  • When you want reduced combustion noise.
  • When you want a mileage increase.

What it does:

  • Increases cetane levels to as high as 9 points.
  • Controls ignition delay. Reduces white smoke & cold starts.
  • Improves starting & running.

How much to add:

12 oz. will treat up to 100L / 11-22 imp. gal.

*Certified compliant for use in low emission engines & ULSD fuel.
*EPA Registered.

Click on the image for the full data sheet.
Bulk sizes available - please ask your dealer.

Click here to request MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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