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A Thousand Times Better
Enbridge Pipelines (NW) Inc., Fort Simpson, NT

Many thanks  for helping us solve our Diesel Fuel Problems (we could barely get 1000 hours on our filters).  We sent out diesel fuel samples to a lab and they told us we had a high level of (asphaltenes), diesel fuel breaking down(black slime) from the heat generated from High Pressure common rail injection systems. We followed your advice by double treating our existing inventory with 4+ Premium Conditioner. After using most of our inventory up we started treating our fuel at the standard rate (10 L treats 22,750 L / 6,010 US gal.).  I was cutting open the fuel filters at 1000 hours checking for that black slime and after a couple of filter changes the black slime disappeared.  I then went back to the recommended 1500 hour interval for filter changes.

Again thanks for your help.

David Shaw, Sr. Mechanical Technician

Improved Fuel Economy While Pulling a Stock Trailer
R. Kadun, Kamloops, British Columbia

2002 Dodge   Diesel 4X4 Automatic - 156,000 KMS
I pulled out my horse trailer from Kamloops to Calgary on the thanksgiving weekend, I check my fuel economy pulling my trailer empty. The trip takes about 7 hours of driving and is about 660 kms long. On the same trip back home I had about 2,200 pounds extra in the trailer. Ben, DSG's sales representative, gave me some Infuse fuel additive and I got the same mileage loaded coming home. I would like to check this again when I use more of the additive.

Fleet of Trucks Run Smoother, Have More Power and Save Fuel
Waste Services, [CA] Inc.

Several months ago Jim Sheets of Glover International in Red Deer introduced us to the features and benefits of DSG fuel treatment. We are open to products that are developed for preventative maintenance and cost savings, as long as they meet industry standards and do not conflict with

After review of the DSG product line, technical data and current test results I determined to select several units for monitoring on DSG product. We followed the suggested application of first applying DSG Super Clean on the first fill of fuel, to clean up the fuel system, then continuing with 4+ Arctic.

Most of the trucks we selected were front load units equipped with the new International 530 engine. As fuel monitoring is difficult for our varying work environment we needed to rely on feedback from the operators.

Operators have been telling us their trucks run smoother, have more power and appear to have better fuel performance. I am pleased with these results. Now that summer is here we have moved to DSG 4+ Premium (without anti-gel) and will continue to use DSG fuel treatment.

Thank you.
Jamie Carroll
Maintenance Supervisor 6444 67th STREET, RED DEER, AB T4P 1A1
PHONE: (403) 346 5525
FAX: (403) 342 4415
TOLL FREE: 1 800 662 7186

Fleet Gets Mileage Increase, Saves Money on Fuel
Parcel's Trucking, Stettler, Alberta

They began a DSG product test late 2007 to determine fuel savings.
2 X 32 oz. of Super Clean was provided to service 1360L of diesel fuel and clean the fuel system.

3 X 32 oz. of 4+ Premium was provided to treat 6825L of diesel fuel for one month of operation.
The DSG product was applied directly to the truck fuel tank(s).

We have been noticing very strong mileage increases in our test unit in the neighbourhood of 10 to 15% depending on usage.

With that said, I would like to move to using it in all of our trucks. We currently use Howe's in the winter time for improved starting, etc., so we are somewhat thinking that the Arctic version might be the way to go.

Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta

As a diesel mechanic and shop foreman of Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd., I come across many different problems with fuel systems in light trucks. The most noticeable problem that we encounter on a regular basis is the injectors. The injectors are either carboned up or stuck; which causes a fuel knock in the engine. I have personally tried many fuel additives to try in diesel engines. I have discovered that most additives do not work.

I have used the product 4+ Arctic Fuel Enhancer. It cleans most injector problems; such as stock injectors. I am very pleased with this product and the fact that it contains many important additives for diesel engines along with a written warranty.

Kent Krezanoski,
Shop Foreman Light Trucks

Vacuum Unit Saves Fuel
MFP Service Ltd., Calgary Alberta

MFP Service operates a vacuum clean unit in the Calgary region. The 7.3L Powerstroke diesel has to run at 1,300 RPM for hours to operate the vacuum pump. The use of 4+ Premium has enabled the truck to go an extra 1.5 hour (10%) on the same volume of diesel fuel.

Injector Flushing Saves Fleet from Costly Repairs and Downtime
Alberta Motor Association, Calgary, Alberta

The Alberta Motor Association has been utilizing the products and services of Diesel Services Group (DSG) since December 2000. There have been many satisfying transactions. We find the service and the technical knowledge to be of a very high standard. Any situations or malfunctions have been quickly and properly remedied.

We introduced regular injector flushing, utilizing the DSG machine 18 months ago and are quite pleased with the results. In the past; we would experience a decline in performance and idle quality around 250,000 km on many of our 7.3L Ford Powerstroke engines. Since the introduction of our new maintenance program regarding injectors, we are seeing our engines reaching 300,000 km without any deterioration of performance or idle quality. Even the smoke on regular start up has seemed to diminish. Having a fleet of 69 trucks at present, we are very interested in getting the most out of our units with the least amount of cost and down time.

Our business alliance, coupled with the technical expertise of DSG has enabled us to minimize our lost time and lower our expenses. I would not hesitate to, (and have many times in the past) recommend the Diesel Services Group to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, dependable and affordable company to provide them with the products and services necessary to maintain and repair the diesel engines of today.

Sheldon Dancer, Fleet Service Coordinator

Additive Keeps Combine Running Smooth
Hanmer Seeds, Govan, Saskatchewan

We were having continual problems with sticking racks on our combine pumps. Instead of taking the pumps off for repair
we used Super Clean which loosened them up right away.

We now use 4+ Premium for preventative maintenance and haven't seen the problem again.
Kent Hanmer

Fuel Saving for School Bus Fleet
Prairie Spirit School Division, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Prairie Spirit School Division operates one hundred and fifty school buses in the rural area surrounding the city of Saskatoon and we are always looking at ways to cut fuel costs. We believed that by using a BIO Diesel Fuel Additive, we could increase fuel mileages as well as reducing harmful exhaust emissions. Reducing exhaust emissions is something the School Division , as a responsible corporate citizen, is very pleased to be able to help with.

The Prairie Spirit School Division began using 4+ Premium in four buses on
June 1, 2006. These buses were on rural routes which include mostly gravel and some highway driving. We put the additive in at the recommended treat rate.

We asked the drivers involved to keep close track of the performance as well as to make sure that the additive was put in the fuel tank as instructed. The driver response was that the buses started better, were more responsive when accelerating and ran smoother.

Our technicians took current mileage readings off the ECM on each bus, then starting from zero they took four weekly computer readings off each bus and we found a consistent improvement on each bus of 1.1 - 1.3 miles per gallon in fuel mileage. This was an improvement ranging from 13% to 18%. This translates into a huge saving in fuel costs over the period of one year.

We have become believers in 4+ Premium fuel additives and continue to use it as a fuel economy tool as well as helping to green up the environment.

Grant Drever, Conveyance Manager

Excellent Fuel Economy, More Power, Cleaner Running in All Conditions
Ken Gartner, Grenfell, Saskatchewan

I live in rural Saskatchewan and do a lot of driving in conditions and locations, which really put a vehicle's fuel system and efficiency to the test.

For more than ten years, I have operated my diesel truck utilizing the Racor fuel filter system and the recommended 4+ Premium fuel enhancer.

Diesel Services representatives were consulted and since the installation of the filter kit and the use of 4+ Premium in my truck, I have experienced excellent fuel economy, more power and a cleaner running engine in the entire system.

Of course, the maintenance side of things is a must and the Diesel Services people have always provided excellent advice and service.

I would certainly recommend their products and their knowledgeable parts and services personnel to first time and previous diesel operators who are looking for a preventative maintenance program for themselves or business fleet.

I recently traded my '97 Dodge for a brand new one with the new 6.7L. I just had Diesel Services Group install a new Racor and I picked up some more 4+ Premium.

Great Insurance from Engine Failure
Gordon Heichman, Perdue, Saskatchewan

"I have used DSG Power Systems's 4+ additive for over 12 years on my farm equipment, and have never
experienced an engine failure since. For the price per litre, it's great insurance!"

Transportation Fleet Sees Impressive Fuel Savings
In a recently completed field test with Perth, Ontario based Glen Tay Transportation, Service Manager, Calvin Cooke reported impressive fuel savings.

The test vehicles were:

1) 2007 Peterbilt with a Cat C 15, 475 hp running dedicated liquid work on a 4 axle trailer.

2) 2007 Peterbilt with a Cat C 15, 625 hp running dedicated dry tanker work through the 401 corridor.

The fuel additive used was DSG Power Systems 4+ Arctic and the testing period was for 6 weeks.

The Cat C 15, 475 hp showed a fuel economy improvement of 5.2%.

The Cat C 15, 625 hp showed a fuel economy improvement of 4.8%.

Mr. Cooke’s comment: "As a result of this test, we will be switching to 4+ Arctic for winter use in our fleet."

This test does not take into consideration all of the other benefits of using the DSG 4+ products. Not only were there verifiable fuel economy improvements but also, Black Filter Syndrome and Internal Diesel Injector Deposits were prevented, water was managed and emissions were reduced.

Furthermore, with his switch to 4+ Arctic, Calvin will also gain an additional 10 degrees in fuel temperature protection against gelling.

Calvin Cooke

Glen Tay Transportation
Perth, Ontario

Improved Running for Transport Fleet
D.A.R.E. Transport, Corbyville, Ontario

Since I started using 4+ Premium, I have solved my replacement issues with Cummins EGR valves and the blue smoke I had on start up with my Detroit units has disappeared.
Denzil Raistrick

Reduced Emissions for City Bus Fleet
City of Fredericton, New Brunswick

Adding a refined vegetable oil fuel conditioner to the diesel burned in three city buses during a three-month pilot project resulted in a 65 per cent reduction in carbon monoxide, a component of Green House Gases, and 20 per cent better fuel economy, the City's Public Safety and Environment Committee heard September 4, 2007.

The City of Fredericton tested a fuel additive known as 4+ Premium Bio Diesel Additive.

"If the entire fleet were to use this additive we could reduce our Green House Gas emissions by 2,220 kg per year," said Committee Chair Councilor Tony Whalen. "The fuel economy we saw is a lot higher than we expected and translates into a large savings of diesel per year per bus."

There are 27 buses in the City fleet.

A small improvement in combustion efficiency was also recorded along with the reduction of harmful emissions, better mileage and longer engine life with less maintenance by using the additive.

City of Fredericton Fleet Manager Randy Perkins will be making recommendations to Committee members as to the future use of the biofuel additive.

Fleet Reduces Costly Repairs
Guy Fuels, Winchester, Ontario

We use DSG products in our own fleet and we sell DSG products for a variety of reasons, one of which is the concern
about increased wear on injectors and fuel pumps caused by ULSD.

Chris Guy

Improved Fuel Economy for Fleet
Marnan Bulk Carriers, Timmins, Ontario

We are saving 70 litres of fuel on each round trip from Toronto to Timmins since we started using 4+ Premium in our fuel.

Sylvain Simard

Fewer Repairs for Farm Operators
K N' R Repairs, Winchester, Ontario

We have not had to replace one injector on any of our customers farm tractors since we started using the Super Clean product.

Kees van Winden

Clean Truck Prevents Costly Injection Pump Repairs
Harry Dykstra, Ottawa, Ontario

I don't know how many times you have heard this but "It Worked" the Super Clean that is. It might still be a bit premature to assume, however, after only 10 minutes of running the truck with the Super Clean in the tank it ran a lot better. So I bought a new fuel filter and put about an oz of both Super Clean and your diesel fuel conditioner, 4+ Premium, in the filter then filled it with diesel and took it for about a 5 mile drive both slow and hard driving. When I got back the truck seems to be running "normal". Fantastic!! It seems hard to believe since everyone told me that I would need an injection pump at the cost of $3,500 or more plus $600 to $800 to have it removed and reinstalled. I will believe it in the morning when I go to start the truck and it runs normal. I am planning to run some Super Clean in all the trucks and then for sure run the conditioner forever!

Anyway, thanks for your time.

Truly elated, Harry Dykstra

Emergency Treatment Prevents Fuel Freeze-up
Mile One Mobile, Williamsburg, ON

Because we are a mobile mechanic business we are called out to many on road fuel freeze-up situations. DSG's Diesel Melt has proven itself to us, time and again with its ability to get frozen fuel flowing and trucks back on the road. We recommend DSG products to all of our customers.

Andrew Lewis & Brad Morris

Full Line of Products Provides Benefits for Racing Team
Harris Racing

2001 Dodge Diesel 4X4 - 310,00km pulling 32' Race Trailer

Harris Racing has been using DSG fuel additives such as Super Clean, 4+ Arctic, 4+ Premium, and InFuse High Performance Cetane Booster in our truck since 2007.

With regular use of 4+ Arctic in the winter and 4+ Premium in the summer we have noticed many benefits such as easier cold starts, a smoother running engine, and of course increased fuel economy. For those long hauls InFuse High Performance Cetane Booster makes pulling the race trailer that much easier with the added power that it provides.

We are very pleased with the performance of DSG Fuel Additives, and we will continue to use them in the future.
Ben Harris
Douglas, Ontario, Canada

Mechanic Notices Improved Performance
D.M.D. Truck & Equipment Services Inc

As the owner of D.M.D. Truck & Equipment Services Inc I have twelve years experience in the diesel repair trade. Over those twelve years, I have noticed that fuel quality has been decreasing and now with ultra low sulphur diesel, is at an all time low.

I was introduced to a Canadian made product three years ago, manufactured by DSG Power Systems in Saskatoon. From a mechanical side of things, I was very skeptical. After using the DSG products and doing my own research, I noticed a difference in engine performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emission. The product used most by my company is called 4+ Super Clean. I have a fuel system flushing machine that is connected directly to the engines fuel inlet then out of the return side of the fuel system. The 4+ Super Clean product combined with the flushing machine has been one of the most beneficial tools in my shop. Its main purpose is to clean and lubricate injection pumps and injectors, until now.

I recently purchased a Heavy Duty Drive Clean machine. I personally performed an emission test on a 1990 Ford L9000 with a 3306 Caterpillar engine. This engine has an opacity limit of 40.0. The result of the first test was a 95.0, fail. I connected my flushing machine to the fuel inlet and outlet. I ran the engine off on 4+ Super Clean for twenty minutes, using 45 ounces of 4+ Super Clean. I then re-connected the fuel lines to the factory tank and ran the engine for 5 minutes. I proceeded to perform the second emission test to find the results shocking. This engine that had an opacity result of 95.0 the first time now had an opacity result of 19.1. The first test was performed at 9:24 am and the second test at 10:41 am. So, in a matter of 77 minutes the test is complete with a passing result.

This 4+ Super Clean product, as far as I am concerned, has been put through the ultimate test and has proven itself. The product continues to prove itself on a daily basis in my shop.

Jason Doxsee — President
5 McDonald Drive
Picton, ON KOK 2TO

Emergency Treatment Keeps National Defence Operating
National Defence in Quebec

I'm a generator mechanic serving with the National Defence in Quebec. We had very cold temperature last week (around -35ºC to -45ºC) for about four days. Since the refuelling of our fuel tank is done anytime during the year, there is a mix of #1 and #2 in the tank, mix that became gelled in the filter.

We tried your "Diesel Melt" stuff, and it worked fine. Surprisingly fine.

Name Withheld for Professional Reasons


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