4+ Turbocharger Cleaner: Reduce Turbocharger Replacement


Premium fuel additive for all season operation

4+ Premium is Canada's #1 Premium Fuel Enhancer for top performance and fuel mileage improvement. 

A comprehensive multi-purpose fuel enhancer that addresses eight critical fuel performance issues to reduce fuel consumption and extend fuel system, engine and diesel particulate filter life.

Cleans and unplugs fuel system.
Prevents costly fuel pump and injector repairs.

When to use:

  • When you want professional grade protection for your engine.
  • You want to improve fuel economy & performance.
  • You want to protect DPF & fuel filters.
  • You want a cetane & mileage boost.

What it does:

  • Prevents asphaltene fouling.
  • Prevents build up of black slimy deposits.
  • Keeps fuel system at optimal performance level.
  • Improves lubricity & cetane levels.
  • Transforms your fuel into a premium product.

* Certified compliant for use in low emission engines & ULSD fuel.
* EPA Registered.

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Bulk sizes available - please ask your dealer.

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Designed for Diesel Engines to Reduce Turbocharger Replacement & Maintain Performance

  • Certified compliant for use in low emission engines & ULSD fuel.
  • EPA Registered.
  • 100% Satisfaction- Guaranteed results
  • Backed by comprehensive warranty
  • *Will not void manufacturer warranty* 

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MORE than A Fuel Additive! 4+ is "21st Century Science with 3rd Generation Technology"

4+ is a brand that represents the science behind modern diesel engines and ultra low sulphur diesel fuel. The days of 'fuel conditioners' and 'additives' are gone. 4+ Fuel Science brings 21st century with 3rd generation technology. Smart operators who understand diesel performance and demand the ultimate in performance and cost reduction use 4+ fuel science products. 

"Importance of Super Concentrate" The Science

When fuel additives are blended, there is a process that takes place that means a lot to you in terms of value. The base products that do the work in a fuel additive are called 'Active Ingredients'. These are chemical substances that include things like:

Cetane Improvers
Anti-Foulants or Detergents
Thermal Stabilizers
Storage Stabilizers 
Anti Oxidants
Corrosion Inhibitors 
Lubricity Improvers
Emulsifiers or Demulsifiers
Pour Point Depressants
Based on what the additive blender is trying to achieve, all of or a combination of these 'Active Ingredients' are blended together and immersed in a solvent, which are normally petroleum based liquids or mineral oils. here is the big issue: Believe it or not, some additives in the market contain as little as %3 'Active Ingredients', while the handful of good products available contain %75 to %100 'Active Ingredients'. 

How can you tell good from not so good?

Simple: In general terms the lighter colour, the more solvent and less active ingredients. this may not hold true when the main ingredient of the additive is alcohol derivative.

So why 4+ is for you? 

All 4+ Additives contain high levels of 'Active Ingredients', and we always stick to the manufacturer's recommendations in terms of treatment rates as they are supplied (parts per million). For users of 4+, this strategy offers several advantages:
  • Lower Treatment Cost- Because our products are so concentrated, they typically treat more fuel than others (just compare)
  • High concentration levels mean that we are able to offer TRUE multi functional products in one container (for example, 4+ Premium contains 8 active ingredients and 4+ Arctic contains 9)
  • Value for money- High concentration of active ingredients means that you are buying active ingredient not solvent.
  • Reduced shipping costs- We don't have to ship as much product as the typical additive blender does, and we pass the savings on to you. 
  • Environmental Responsibililty- Lower shipping costs = lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

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